Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Artist Statement

My passion for design stems from growing up while technology was growing as well.  My generation has seen clunky walkmen and beepers turn into sleek and stylish accessories we now call iPhones. Like technology, my goal is to make simplistic yet striking pieces of art.  I am a minimalist who designs with very clean and fresh concepts in mind. My work is uncomplicated and simple, like how I like to live my life. In my stop motion piece titled, Make Me Up, my clean, fresh, and minimalistic style is reflected through its composition and the upbeat yet light background music.  My signature style showcases my current lifestyle and past experiences, whether they were happy moments or moments I wish to forget.

My positive outlook on life is reflected in every piece, even the darkest ones.   In my piece titled, Calm Before the Storm, I photographed a large window where light was peeking through dark clouds.  Dark clouds are symbols for gloom, depression, opression, and despair, which gives the audience who is viewing this piece a sense and feeling for bad omen.  Although all of these negative adjectives make up this piece, the light in the image overpowers the dark clouds, giving off a sense of hope.  My message for this is piece is that there is always something positive, even in negative situations.

Sergio Baradat is an artist where I look to for inspiration because his fresh style is very much like mine. As an illustrator and designer, Sergio works to create exceptionally beautiful pieces of art he would like his audience to look at and recognize as his.  Sergio Baradat's work is straightforward which is an aspect I contributed to my piece in this series titled, Gradual.   Gradual mimics the more uncomplicated aspect of my life. The title of this piece simply explains what is going on in the image.  I created marks on paper using a fork then scanned the image to my computer to manipulate it using Photoshop.  The repetition of marks on the page gradually fade as the viewers eye reaches the bottom of the piece.  Gradual, like the rest of my work reflects every aspect of my life I wish to communicate to an audience.

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