Wednesday, April 10, 2013



My name is Nicole.  I am a graphic and web designer who uses the excuse of wanting to get inspired by the packaging in Whole Foods when I'm really there to buy a cup of their rich and creamy gelato.

I live in the giant bubble of Bergen County called Old Tappan, which fuels my motivation to work hard and move as far away as possible.

I have two sisters, one is two years older than me and the other is two years younger than me (yes, I use middle child syndrome to my full advantage).  I am very close with my sisters and could not imagine my life without the relationship we have.  The three of us share an unhealthy obsession with our dog, Brody, who is the most spoiled yorkie on the face of the earth.

I was raised by two very hard working parents who are the most selfless people I know.  Their love and support is the greatest gift they could have given me, next to Brody, of course. We are a strong Dominican family and strive to remain that way.

Design is easy for me to love because it is everywhere although, the over-usage of Helvetica type makes my blood boil.

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