Tuesday, April 30, 2013


Texture Project

               This project was the first project assigned to the class in Basic Art and Technology. The first step of the project was to leave the classroom and find a strange object. The object I decided to bring back to class was a fork. Although the class agreed it was not as creatively strange of an object than what everyone else brought back, I believe that a fork is very strange! Most people would disagree because a fork is an object that we use everyday so it is not unusual to look at. After we went over our objects, we had to make marks with our objects on a plain white 8.5" by 11" sheet of paper. I created holes all over the plain white paper and then scanned it in into the computer. Our next step was to edit the scanned in marks on photoshop. I used the quick selection tool to repeat the small marks the holes created. I then copied the a larger selection of the marks and layered them on top of each other while changing the opactities of each layer. I made the top of the image darker and added less layers towards the bottom of the image. I darkened the image so the light marks of the holes were more prominent. I titled it "Gradual" because there is a change in color from dark to light and it changes subtly and gradually.

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